According to the U.S. Dept. of Justice one out of every four women will be attacked or raped in her lifetime.

Look at these alarming statistics:

✎ 83% of rape victims are between the ages of 12 years and 25 years of age.

✎ 90% of women assaulted knew their assailant.

✎ 25% of college women surveyed are victims of rape or attempted rape.

✎ 85% of rapes on campuses are acquaintance / date rapes and most happen in the first three months of college due to Fraternity and Sorority pledging and parties.

✎ 90% of all campus rapes involve alcohol.

✎ Women who resist are twice as likely to escape injury as others. According to the Women’s Self Defense Institute, an analysis of 3,000 actual assaults showed that half of the attackers fled from a woman who was willing to resist! The key, however, is to learn how to effectively resist.

PlayItSafe for Teens & WomenWoman-attacked-from-behind

Basic self-defense

This class is for women and teens 11 years and older and is taught in a 2-1/2 hour format. This course will cover:

✔ Verbal defense, dealing with mean-girls and bullying (middle school & high school groups)

✔ How and why women are attacked. Vulnerable areas of a woman’s lifestyle.

✔ Date, acquaintance, and stranger assaults

✔ What assailants look for in their victims.

✔ Awareness, voice and setting appropriate boundaries- the crucial keys to safety.

✔ The importance of reacting quickly and being loud!

✔ The 4 “A’s” of self-defense: Attitude, Awareness, Assessment of a situation, Action.

✔ Where to strike and how to strike: primary areas on the body to strike.

✔ Frontal Attacks and attacks from behind, and ground defense.

✔ Students practice on pads, kick bags and our rubber dummy B.O.B.

We can travel to your location. This Basic class is also offered to Girl Scout cadettes, seniors, troop-leaders and moms. Girl Scouts will earn their “Awareness Patch.”

We offer Mother/daughter classes too!

Special Note: Middle school and high school physical education classes are offered a special curriculum called “Reduce the Odds,” which is designed especially for boys and girls.


A woman of any age can become the victim of sexual assault; however statistics indicate that women between the ages of 16 and 20 are four times more likely to be victimized. A woman entering her first year of college, specifically, between September and Thanksgiving break, is the most vulnerable time in her life. Additionally one in four college women have become a victim of sexual assault. This program (perfect for new student orientation) is designed to help young women make smarter choices that will help prevent them from being singled out as a potential target by a predator.

In this sexual assault prevention program, young women are armed with the knowledge, skills and tools to prevent them from becoming a crime statistic. Through means of awareness, avoidance and escape, students will better understand the mind of a predator and will know the difference between a “hard target” and a “soft target”.

The relationship between alcohol consumption and sexual assault is discussed as well as how to protect young women from the escalating occurrence of “Date Rape Drugs” that are being used to essentially knock-out the victim leaving her helpless to resist and remember.

This program is not about scaring women. It is about empowering young women, and preparing them with the confidence to react appropriately in an unfortunate situation. Prevention is foremost, but should the worst happen young women need to know what to do, how to REDUCE THE ODDS!