PlayItSafe offers two different types of school assemblies:

Keep Your Power: Be A Winner (Bully Prevention)
Stranger Awareness and Safety


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Length: 45–55 minutes
Fee: $450.00 for first assembly and $400.00 for each additional assembly (Assemblies must be back-to-back). A mileage fee may apply.
Contact for detailed information on the content of each assembly.

Both assemblies teach children through role-play the importance of awareness and setting appropriate boundaries. In our “Stranger Awareness & Defense” presentation, children will learn to recognize inappropriate behavior and to trust their instincts when someone or something doesn’t feel right. Students learn the importance of reacting quickly, using their voices to attract attention and that escaping a bad situation should be their #1 goal. It is very entertaining, informative and the kids laugh a lot as we use the “Chihuahua” as an example of “tiny but mighty!” We will use students from the audience to demonstrate. Our bully prevention & conflict resolution assembly teaches your students six ways to “keep their power” when confronted with mean behaviors. We also cover the various types of mean behaviors. “Conflict-resolution” is a major component to our curriculum.

Keep Your Power Assembly

The AZ PlayItSafe team will present the “Keep Your Power” bully-proofing assembly where children will learn through role-play to recognize the different types of bullying behaviors: teasing, excluding, name calling, etc. Verbal self-defense, zero tolerance, and several “Power Protectors” will be discussed and demonstrated, along with what ‘normal conflict’ is. Students will also learn the importance of displaying confidence, remaining calm, reacting quickly, and using their voices to attract attention if necessary. Students will demonstrate how children can help each other when experiencing bullying.

Through a strategic balance of fun and creative content, students learn real life skills to combat relational aggression and to increase the need for creating an emotionally safe climate in their schools. “Power Protectors” are shown to students in role play scenarios, assemblies, and breakout sessions that both engage and break down the barriers of student’s daily life–navigating their ways through the difficult situations. Students leave the presentation armed with relevant and applicable strategies that engage them in creating a culture of DIGNITY and SOCIAL COMPETENCE–something that is hard to achieve in their socially pressured world.

Administrators, teachers, staff and parents have the opportunity to make a difference each day, now, it’s the kids turn!

AZ PlayItSafe promises a fun, interactive and empowering assembly that will prepare your school community and your students to become social change agents!

All children earn a “Power Protector” certificate.

Stranger Awareness

PlayItSafe is a fun, interactive, age appropriate method that teaches children to respond appropriately to unique challenges they must face such as stranger awareness and abduction defense.

PlayItSafe is based on simple but very effective step-by-step approach where students practice their techniques against trained instructors in age appropriate scenarios. This interactive empowering, fun assembly teaches children to be aware if their surroundings, project confidence, set boundaries and trust their intuition. This can only come from hands-on, repetitive training. Students will role-play with mock “Stranger” while being coached by an instructor with over 20 years experience in law enforcement and personal safety. Topics that will be discussed:

  • Increased safety walking to and from school
  • How not to be targeted
  • Setting boundaries & projecting confidence
  • Stranger Awareness – Good Strangers vs. Bad Strangers and “Don’t Know”
  • Trusting their instincts
  • Inappropriate behavior and common child lures (strangers & acquaintances)
  • The importance of reacting quickly and knowing what to do
  • Escaping a bad situation & using his/her voice to attract attention
  • Age appropriate & practical Self-Defense techniques

All children earn an “Awareness Certificate”