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AZ PlayItSafe is a fun, interactive, age appropriate method that teaches women and children to respond appropriately to unique challenges they must face, such as, internet safety, safe dating, stranger awareness and abduction defense. AZ PlayItSafe is based on simple but very effective step-by-step approach where students practice their techniques agains trained instructors in age appropriate scenarios. Our 1.5 hour class teaches women and children to be aware of their surroundings, project confidence, set boundaries and trust their intuition. This can only come from hands-on, repetitive training. Students will role-play reality based scenarios while being coached by instructors with over 40 combined years in law enforcement.

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Laurie Latham Owner/Lead Instructor

Laurie is the owner and lead instructor of AZ PlayItSafe Defense, a self-defense company which teaches women and children realistic strategies to stay safe from potential danger. Laurie is a former police detective with over 20 combined years of experience in both law enforcement and the security field and is a nationally recognized security expert. She has trained thousands of police officers, women and children in self-defense and personal protection. Laurie is a certified “Girls on Guard” instructor for the Women’s Self-Defense Institute and a certified Protective Security Operator.

Client Testimonials

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Recent Testimonials

"That was amazing today. Thank you so much. You covered everything a parent tries to teach our children everyday but in a fun and meaningful way. Coming from your perspective it was even more effective. I really appreciate you coming out and giving our girls that great and valuable experience. I hope they all feel self-assured with confidence and the tools to first avoid bad situations as well as know how to handle them if necessary. I will share this opportunity to any that will listen. "

~Amy Lent

"Thank you again for the amazing class! I truly feel that you made a significant difference in our girl’s lives. The troop and moms are still buzzing about how wonderful the training was. We look forward to having an annual training from you”. "Thank you for providing this valuable program for our girls and being such a positive role model."

~Karen Girl Scout Council

Some Of Our Clients:

  • Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts
  • Scottsdale Honors Cotillion
  • Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders
  • AFL Rattlers Sidewinder Dance Team
  • Denver Nugget Dancers
  • Denver Bronco Cheerleaders
  • Phoenix Suns Dancers
  • San Franciso 49ers Cheerleaders
  • Spooner Physical Therapy
  • University of Arizona
  • Phoenix 100 Club
  • National Fallen Firefighters Foundation
  • National Pest Management Association
  • Remax
  • Academy Mortgage
  • Keller Williams
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The Houston Academy
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Mission Statement

To empower children to handle the myriad of challenges they face on a daily basis, to take control of their lives and maintain that control as they grow without being fearful. To teach women and children to project confidence through their body language and to react quickly if necessary. To increase our students level of awareness through fun and interactive awareness training. To build our student's self-esteem by helping them become as self-reliant as possible in the face of danger. To reinforce that fighting is not a good thing and should be avoided at all costs. However, if fighting is unavoidable, know that self-defense is not a game. To enable parents to relax their own fears and concerns once they see their children's capacity to respond in difficult circumstances